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Using Binary Options Signals to Earn Money

With the proliferation of binary options signals companies, investing in binary options has become a lucrative way of earning money. However, with so many companies available online, we tend to get confused and find difficulty in knowing which ones to choose.

Therefore, here we have compiled a list of the trending binary signals companies that are offering quality services. But first, here are a few useful tips on how to choose a suitable binary options signals provider:

Choosing the Best Binary Option Signals Provider (Check our list: The Best Binary Options Signals)

  • Win Rate: Look for a company which has a good percentage in win rate. The FAQ section on the website will usually provide this information. A win rate of 80% or more is good.
  • Pricing: Although there is nothing like fixed rates in money markets, value for money is a widely accepted concept wherein, you pay for what you get. Hence, look around and check rates of different competitors to get a good deal.
  • Track Record: Every binary signals provider leaves a trail. So, if you are sharp about it, you will be able to trace the antecedents of a particular company by reading customer reviews or by visiting online forums.
  • Take Notice of Statistics: Every website will throw up lots of numbers to prove their worth. It takes just a bit of careful observation to see if numbers are abnormally inflated – go with your instincts.
  • A Little Help from your Friends: Do a bit of networking, ask around and find out from others who are into similar activities. There is no better advice than that you can get from someone who is already into the business, so do seek advice from friends and associates.

Recommended Binary Signals List

Here are the top companies that we feel offer decent services for providing binary options signals:

Option Robot

A good feature is that you can customize your system according to your trading style with Option Robot. As the name suggests, it is an automated system and not only provides reliable binary options signals but also makes automatic trades if you choose it to do so.


  • Automated and customizable
  • 83% to 86% win rate
  • Consistent performance
  • No need to download software

Lexington Code

Designed by Michael Lexington, this provider has a record for the maximum number of consistent wins with a maximum win rate of up to 90%. Lexington Code uses a trading algorithm based on artificial intelligence. The reviews from those who used it are quite upbeat.


  • Win rate up to 90%
  • Algorithm based on AI
  • Options for manual or automatic trading

Code Fibo

With Code Fibo, you get multiple signals daily. It is web based, so you don’t need to download any software. There is a free trial period of 90 days followed by a monthly charge of $600.00. There is a minimum deposit amount of $250.00.


  • Multiple signals daily
  • Win rate up to 80%
  • 90-day free trial
  • Consistent performance

Quadra Signals

Sophisticated software is used to create efficient algorithms to generate binary options signals. Ten assets used are used, including oil, gold and eight currency pairs. Win rate is claimed to be up to 72%.


  • Sophisticated algorithms used
  • Economical
  • Free trial period
  • In-depth analysis provided on a regular basis
  • 5 to 10 signals a day


  1. Winning Binary Signals

This service provider is user-friendly and suitable for part-timers who want to work for just a few hours a day. Compatible for all devices, regular alerts are provided through email and SMS. Up to 80% win rate is reported


  • Economical at $49.000/month
  • 80% success rate
  • User-friendly and suitable for newbies
  • Free 60-day trial offer

 Free Binary Signals Providers

If you are a newbie or just trying to work on a budget, there are quite a few free binary options signals providers. Here are a few of them:

  • Mikes Facebook Group
  • PorterFinance,
  • CherryTrade
  • Bloombex,
  • com
  • Grandoption,
  • StockPair

The advantage of using free binary signals providers is that you don’t have to pay a penny but get information on binary options, which is an excellent choice for one who is just entering into the market.

The downside of free binary options signals apps is that you get less features and the reports are usually provided on a weekly basis, rather than in real time. You may feel the need to switch to a paid provider once you learn how to avail of the enhanced features offered by paid providers.

Now you can be a Great Binary Options Trader!

This list should put you on the right track to be able to choose a suitable binary options signals provider and you will be able to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. Trading in options was never easier with the help of binary options signals and once you are well set up with a reliable service provider, you can just relax and be rest-assured that your money is being invested in a profitable manner.

However, always be aware that the market risks will always exist and you need to be cautious about that part of trading. But now you have a guide to make a suitable choice in binary options signals providers, so happy trading!