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Maximus Edge – a possible Win or yet another Scam?

These days there are a lot of fraud apps and programs within the online trading platforms which are out there to con people into investing their money into them only to get finessed in the long run. The Maximus Edge autoboot is one of the many programs that claim to be efficient in the trade market and on their websites pages, they tend to guarantee massive profit. This review is meant to show you how legit or not the app really is.

What is Maximus Edge? – An in-depth review on the features and founder

The Maximus Edge is an autobot developed by Max Cheung which is claimed to be an expert advisor when it comes to the trading market. The system uses strong signals to determine the profitable exchanges a member would use. These signals may be true since most of the feedback from normal honest reviews in the social platforms suggest that the system actually works. In the website, they claim to have the most successful binary options trade percentages that are unmatched by any other binary trading system. This is made possible by the ‘new secret codes that drives the entire Maximus Edge system’. This information may be a marketing strategy to getting people to join the app. The legitimacy has yet to be proven but the reviews from the public are positive.

Why you shouldn’t invest in Maximus Edge – Red flags everywhere.

The information coming from their website suggest that they have lost only once in 4 years. There are no testimonials of people claiming to have profited from this like in the many similar platforms. The domain name is protected to hide the identity of the owner and if the company was legit, all information about the owner would be easily accessible. This may be a form of organized crime.

Pointers in their website agreement that suggest you stay away from it

If you open their website agreement they mention that the videos on the website are for information and proportional purposes only. They go ahead and suggest that these videos should not be relied on since they are simulations by actors and demo accounts. The videos are not accurate nor reflect any true past events therefore are used as a marketing strategy.

Maximus Edge could be a Rebranded scam – Here is why

The video in their website is a YouTube video and once I visited the channel I found out that there is only one other video and the number of views on the video is quite small taking to the fact that this program claims to be large. The other video is not related to Maximus Edge in any way but instead the person in the video talks about other forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum Code and this raises questions on whether Maximus Edge could be a rebranded scam from the past?

Final verdict and conclusion based on the Maximus Edge scam

Don’t fall prey for these online trading platforms that always seem to offer too good deals. Take some time and read anything you can find regarding a program. Scammers are out here to get your money. Do I recommend Maximus Edge as a potential app to invest your money in? Absolutely not! Keep off!


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