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IS Crypto Shield A SCAM?

According to the videos, the Crypto Shield is an automated software that is guaranteed to generate a minimum of $1500 daily for their members without is wait and the software does all the work for you and brings in a daily profit without any risk. This review was written to warn you about the automated Cryptocurrency Scam system. And more specifically, the daily traders. While researching Crypto Shield, so many falsified testimonies, misinformation, and other scamming factors were found. All this pointing Crypto Shield in a fraudulent trading software. This scam artist claims you can make $1500 every day when using the Crypto Shield app. Before you invest your money and your time in Crypto Shield, learn more about it in this review.

How Does Crypto Shield Works?

No one knows how Crypto Shield works. We can’t see any explanation in the video uploaded on the Crypto Shield website on how it works. Lacking that important information shows nothing but an absolute Scam.

Crypto Shield and Fake Reviews

The whole review about Crypto Shield is fictitious, fraudulent, and made up reviews from paid people. All the user testimonials and reviews on the internet are too good to be true, which is a red flag. Not everyone is always happy with a product and program no matter what it entails. The stolen image used by Mr. Hopkins is also from the testimonials in Crypto Shield. None of the people used on Crypto Shield are genuine; even the testimonials are fake. The testimonials were written by the so-called scam artist who is trying to reap you of your hard earned money.

What Happens When Registering on Crypto Shield?

When registering on Crypto Shield website using your email and your name, they also ask for your credit card for a deposit which isn’t safe imputing your credit card details. Even after debiting the required amount for joining, no recipient is given for this transfer. No one is sure where your money is been transferred to, and because the web page isn’t a secured web address, you aren’t guaranteed if it will be the last transfer from your credit card. When your information is given, no one knows what will do with your data provided on your credit card. The risk of your money been drained is enormous. Avoid Crypto Shield SCAM at all cost.


Nothing about Crypto Shield is good. Crypto Shield is nothing but a scam and doesn’t deserve your time and money, and it is precisely with the aim of collecting your money. The scam artist behind Crypto Shield promises fast rewards, all you have to do is nothing except registration. Crypto Shield is nothing but a fake software, imposters, and liars.


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