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Dubai lifestyle app, it is a tailored scam! Be careful and do not waste your time and money!

The Dubai lifestyle app is a binary scam which claims to help people with little knowledge on trading stock by using their algorithm software which they claim to be 99.8% effective even though nobody has proven the same. This in-depth review will prevent people from making bad decisions by investing their money in this app.

Detailed In-depth review

The Dubai lifestyle app is said to be a trading software meant to help naïve traders win trades at tremendous success rates. The alleged founder of this app is Scott Hathaway. No information is available about the founder deeming him unreal. The picture posted on the app webpage is purchased from shutter stock. The fact that the information about the founder is unreliable raises a red flag about the app itself. The app goes ahead and uses various techniques to capture the attention of naïve or newbies to the trade market.

Enticement used to scam naive investors

The app uses various ways to scam people into investing their money from fake testimonies and fake information about how the application was brought to life.

Dubai lifestyle app -Fake testimonials

Fake testimonials can be seen from the apps homepage where there is a man stating how the app has managed to help him earn money. The exact person seen on the video recommending the app has been exposed several times for being a scammer. The same man has an account on Fiverr where his profile states that and I quote “I will do a video testimonial in South African accent”. This already is a clear sign that the program is nothing but a scam.

Countdown timers

Countdown timers are used to pressure the newbies to joining the app. The countdown timers make the offer seem as if it won’t be available for long hence prompting one to register quick without taking their time in doing the investigations of whether the app truly is genuine.

Fake promotional site badges

In the Dubai lifestyle website, one can see some promotional site badges like the ‘McAfee Secure’ which when selected don’t lead to the sites being promoted. The fake badges may lead someone to believing that the program is recognized by the prominent companies shown. This plus the countdown timer given above may make newbies to the trade market to make hasty unwise decisions.

Conclusion and final verdict about Dubai Lifestyle app scam

People on the internet should take their time and read various articles about what they are about to invest in. Binary software scams are on the rise and this article is meant to prevent people from getting scammed and to give information on the key characteristics of scammer’s programs. Do not put your money into this, you will eventually lose it. Like any job done you have to put hard work and determination to achieve something. The little shortcuts into getting wealthy may eventually cause you more harm than good. Invest wisely, all that glitters is not gold.


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