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What Is CryptoGPS?

CryptoGPS is a system which helps in controlling all cryptocurrencies and also assures you earn more than $10.000 every day. CrytoGPS ensures signing up is easy and straightforward to start and make use of, and it doesn’t require any selling or buying expertise. CryptoGPS is a fraudulent trading software that claims you can be rich by joining the scam site. CryptoGPS was created by a Jim Heffner. Before moving into CryptoGPS thinking it can make you rich, this review will tell you everything you need to know about CryptoGPS scam.

Is CryptoGPS a Trading Scam?

Jim Hefner is the CEO and the founder of CrptoGPS that maintains and provide the software. No information was given about how the system was created and no information also about the CEO and founder Jim Hefner. The so-called CEO tells his potential client to make him their financial manager who isn’t right since he doesn’t share any real information about himself. CryptoGPS is said to have a connection to the Heffner’s private broker that is called Charley Brooks. This is a lie as there is a mixture of different broker platforms integrated with the system. Most of this method is not reliable. Accepting just ten people in joining CryptoGPS scam was all lies. The claim of $4,997 on registration with an extra additional fee of $1,497 every month has been closed. The pressure tactics were used to make you sign up without hesitation.

Fake Reviews

The fake reviews given by people paid by CrptoGPS is no surprise. Even the profile allegedly belonging to the profiles on CrytoGPS are not real members as well. A lot of pictures are shown to represent “successful members” that make $20k per day. These images are stolen from the internet or are simply purchased stock photos. Ask yourself a question: where are the original reviews? Except the truth is keeping from us.

Claimed Features of CryptoGPS

  • CrytoGPS works on any Mac, Laptop, and PC.
  • CrptoGPS claims they are completely transparent.
  • With an average of 95% winning weeks; this means more profits for you.
  • Multiple signals daily; meaning you receive an average of 22 and 98 trading signals daily. Which is enough to make good profits for you.
  • Get trained by a pro and learn trading.
  • You can also trade on your smartphones both IOS and Android.


Nothing inside CryptoGPS is good. CryptoGPS is a total Scam and it appears with intentions to take your hard earned cash. The Scam artist behind CrytoGPS simply change a few names, domains, actors, and also promises you quick reward. After registration all you have to do is nothing, and you begin to receive cash. Wish this was true, we might all be millionaires by now. The real world doesn’t work like that. Share with your friends to stay away from CryptoGPS SCAM.


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