Best Binary Options Signals 2018 List

Nowadays, there are numerous ways that you can make money by becoming self-employed if you have a computer and an internet connection. One of the trending means of earning money is through options trading.

An option is a financial derivative which is a contract that can be sold by one individual to another for a profit. The financial derivative does not have any actual value as such and represents the potential income that can be generated by an underlying asset that could be stock, futures, a commodity or currency.

Binary Options

But how do we know what to buy and when and where to sell? There is software available which works on the basis of algorithms which provide vital market information on how to make investment decisions. The messages that are received are called ‘binary options signals’ and there are several companies which provide these signals, some free of cost while others are paid for.

Binary Options Signals Providers

To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of some of the better-know and reliable binary options trading signals providers that have been trending in 2018:

Options Robot App

This is a user-friendly app that is an effective tried-and-tested platform for trading in binary options. The best part of this app is that in-depth explanations are given on how it works so that even newbies will be comfortable using it.


  • 100% hands-free operation
  • 3 unique money-making strategies
  • Separate Martingale sequence used for each asset and Forex pair
  • Fibonacci style of money management
  • 6 indicators to choose from before the trade


This is an autotrader with free and paid subscriptions. Different technical indicators are used to make the trading signals most accurate. BinaryOptionsRobot, as the name suggests is an automated software, with the added feature of manual options for maximum responsiveness.


  • 6 technical indicators used like MACD, RSI, Trend, Williams, Stochastics and CCI.
  • 3 separate trading systems to choose from
  • 83% to 86% win rate
  • Option of free and paid versions
  • Customized mobile App provided
  • Suitable for long-term trading

Auto Binary Signals

This binary options signals provider was founded by a person who is renowned in the binary trading options field, Roger Pierce. Winning a good number of trades is possible as the exact market situation gets reflected through this software. The basis of Auto Binary Signals is that it uses the supply and demand force to make predictions. Another interesting feature is that you can make use of this provider without even downloading any software.


  • Minimum deposit of $50.00
  • Can be used without downloading software
  • Accurate signals up to 100%
  • 60 days full money back guarantee
  • Designed by an actual trader


This is another live binary signals provider that is worth trying out Appropriate signals are delivered promptly to the user and if you are looking for a binary signals service provider with a considerable success rate, this company is a suitable choice. However, you would do well to check the past performance of each signal. This is a good practice to follow while using any binary options signals provider.


  • Call/put signals
  • Real time notifications
  • Round the clock trade analysis
  • 24/7 alerts via SMS or email
  • Signals cover forex, stocks, indices and commodities

Quantum Binary Signals

This binary options signals service is well-known for providing some good investment strategies. The signals provided by this company are accurate and give a realistic picture of how to do trading the way experienced traders operate. With a track record of over 20 years, the sheer experience of this company is what makes it the preferred choice for many binary options traders.


  • Tenured staff with 20 years of experience in hedge fund trading
  • 75% to 85% success rate
  • Low level of investment risk
  • Manual monitoring introduces the human aspect into trading
  • Daily fee, not monthly
  • Easy Withdrawal

Winning Binary Signals

This service provider is a good one that even first-timers can use with relative ease. You will be well advised to use Winning Binary Signals if you are working part time and need to work for just a few hours each day. Signals are received through all devices and are delivered via email or SMS. Alerts are regularly sent every time a signal gets generated. Subscribers who used this service reported an average profit of 25% with up to an 80% success rate.


  • Reasonable monthly charges of just $49.000
  • 80% success rate
  • Potential for 25% profit
  • User-friendly and suitable for newbies
  • 60-day no-questions-asked money back offer if not satisfied


You don’t need to invest in huge amounts of money to use this binary options signals services provider. Launched in 2014, this company has become a favorite among binary options traders. One of the notable features of Signals365 is that they offer full transparency of transactions, where you can view the record of your past and present trading activities whenever you want. With a win rate of up to 70%, you can get 100 signals per day. Charges are $99.99 per month if you don’t sign up with a broker. If you do, then there is no monthly charge.


  • Full transparency of transactions
  • 70% win rate
  • Access to 100 signals per day
  • Assets and expiry times can be controlled by the user
  • Options to choose either long-term or short-term signals

Binary Options Pro Signals

Here is a binary options signals service provider that has a few unique features that should make it refreshingly-different from the others. For example, with this provider, other than stock options, other assets with higher returns are also offered. There is also another good feature that if you want you can try out the services at the rate of just $1.00 a day and only if you are satisfied, need you register for paying monthly fees. If you are not satisfied, all your money will be returned.


  • Provision for daily fees of $1.00
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Different assets other than stocks are offered
  • 5 % accuracy on all signals
  • Automated signal generation assures a steady, 24/7 supply of signals
  • No additional fees other than the monthly charge

Quadra Signals

This company has been around for some time now but only started providing their services to the general public since 2013. Some extremely sophisticated software is used to pull up a series of algorithms which are the basis for generating binary options signals. This results in generation of some highly-efficient and profitable signals. The assets used are 10, including oil, gold and 8 currency pairs. With a respectable record of 272 wins against just 80 losses, the success rate is as high as 79%.


  • Sophisticated algorithms used
  • Cost-effective
  • Money-back policy
  • Detailed overviews and analysis of market situation provided
  • 5 to 10 signals a day

UpDown Signals

This company assures up to 70% success rate. It also provides an in-depth analysis of the underlying assets. The unique feature of UpDown signals is that the specific requirements of new traders are taken into consideration. Up to 4 to 5 signals a day are provided.


  • Excellent customer service provided
  • Sound money-back policy
  • Trading history up to 60 days possible
  • 7-day trial for $4.99
  • Monthly and quarterly plans offered

Trade in Options and Earn Good Money

So, with this best binary options signals service providers 2017 list, you should be able to find yourself a suitable company where you can safely invest money without the fear of getting scammed. Remember, the key to successful binary options trading is by using the right binary options signals from reliable service providers.

Take notice of customer reviews and get the full advantage of free trials before you put your money into investments that you may not be very sure about and success is yours to keep!